To ensure a longer life of the Vacanze Italiane swimsuits, just take care of them by following small precautions:


Be careful when washing: rinse your swimsuit in cold water after each use to remove salt, chlorine, any residual sand, sunscreen and sweat. To avoid damaging the fibers, use a mild detergent and avoid the use of aggressive soaps.


After each wash, the bathing suit should be hung without the use of clothespins or pliers. To avoid overstretching the fibers, do not squeeze too hard.


Avoid using the washing machine. If you just can't resist the comfort, it is important to use a gentle wash with cold water. Use very little detergent and no fabric softener or other additives.

- Do not expose beachwear to direct sunlight, as this will spoil the colors. 
- Do not use a dryer or a heat source
- Do not iron
-Do not dry clean